Everyone just knows that the roads aren’t safe these days. Psycho killers stand along the edge of obscure routes, searching for prey as they thumb for a ride, while carjackers stalk the back roads in fake cruisers and stolen uniforms, more than willing to part honest folks from their vehicles. It’s a sick, convoluted tapestry, woven out of countless miles of asphalt; as dark, strange and twisted as anything that happens among the labyrinthine alleys of any crumbling metropolis, or within the walled palatial estates of the jaded rich. Along certain stretches of road, people occasionally go missing. Often they’re the sorts whom no one misses: runaways and prostitutes, transients and criminals. Perhaps the monsters that infest the shadows take them, whether to drink their blood or to feed on their souls, or perhaps some alien consciousness seeping up out of the land itself desires them. Most of the time, though, it’s just mundane human evil that makes people disappear. This scenario presents that human evil, infected by a touch of the paranormal. The story can be readily worked into the events of an existing World of Darkness chronicle, or it can serve as the launching point for a new chronicle detailing the characters’ explorations of the world behind the curtain.

Chuva Pesada

Sas   world of darkness   the harvesters